We welcome Pastor Carol Reed as our Bridge Pastor​.
​ Pastor Carol was born in Wisconsin and grew up on a dairy farm. She completed high school in southeastern Minnesota and went to college in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. She moved to Phoenix, Arizona and eventually became the third woman in the country to work at the phone company climbing telephone poles and installing telephones. That job brought her to San Diego County but the divestiture of the Bell System sent her to a new career. She formed her own company, Reed Wood and Tool, building custom furniture, especially chancel furniture, from her shop in Ramona, CA and becoming known far and wide as the ‘Router Lady.’
An auto accident in 2001 left her in a long recovery during which she was invited to write a book. She agreed and Router Joinery Workshop hit the bookstores in the spring of 2003. The accident however, rendered her unable to continue to build furniture. In 2004 she moved back to Arizona to be closer to family, to write a follow-up book, and to continue her public speaking career as the ‘Router Lady’ all over the country.
God however, had another plan. The following year she entered Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, IA, graduating in 2009 with a master of divinity degree. 
​While in seminary her heart was turned to interim ministry leading her to complete the interim ministry program with the Interim Ministry Network after graduation. Her last interim assignment was completed successfully with the congregation calling the pastor that they really wanted and who really wanted to be there. During her two year interim assignment 30 new members came to join the congregation.
Pastor Carol's style of work is to bring aboard every interested member to form a plan that will see the congregation thrive. She finds the work exciting and joyful. She believes in very transparent communication processes that keep everyone well informed. She very strongly believes that all people engaging in God's work ought to be fun, exciting, filled with joy and lots of humor. Presiding over worship services and making visits are her two very favorite things about being a pastor.
She is single and lives in Escondido, CA where she is planning on building a small house on a tiny lot which was a gift from God. Should you want to talk about miracles, blessings, and leaning on God, she would be thrilled to tell you how very real God is!
While awaiting God’s next assignment, she developed a renewal ministry called Healing Trampled Hearts. It is designed to invigorate hearts beaten up by the ordinary travails of life, to better live as God has uniquely planned for each of us, to live in joy to share with others, and to live in inspiration that always refreshes us.