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Tickets for September 26 to watch our San Diego Padres play the Atlanta Braves in the last home game of this season have been received for Section 218 in Toyota Terrace under the shade. The $49.50 tickets going on sale at $48.00 each cost us $42.00 each, giving us at least $6.00 per ticket for the Serra Mesa Food Pantry. Instead of physical tickets, the Padres are sending tickets on a Ballpark iPhone app which can be sent to you after you indicate on the spreadsheet posted in our narthex where you would like to sit or contact Jerry directly. Since every Sunday is military Sunday, you may want to arrive earlier than the starting time of 1:10 PM for the opening festivities. Parking for $15 is best by entering the Omni Hotel Parking Garage at the 1 st driveway on the left near the end of Sixth Avenue, taking the elevator down to G, and walking across Tony Gwynn Drive to the gate entry. Our Padres are vying for the playoffs again this year.

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