December 11, 2022, 8:00 a.m. Contemplative Communion Service
9:30 a.m. Classic Communion Service in the Chapel and on Facebook Live
3rd Sunday of Advent
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Here at Gethsemane we practice open communion, meaning all who believe in the power of Jesus Christ to bring salvation are welcome to join in. In our Lutheran understanding, both sacraments—Baptism and Holy Communion—are best conducted among the gathered assembly. If you are present on this live-stream, you are present in our assembly. The body of Christ is not limited by place or time, so even if you are on the replay of this service, you are part of our assembly. Any bread and any wine or grape juice will do. If you are celebrating as a family, please feel free to break the bread into the right number of portions or have a separate piece for each person. Same with the cup. You may have one cup for all or each member of the household use a separate cup. We believe the Christ is fully present in both Word and Sacrament, in both the bread and the wine/grape juice so if you only have one or the other, or even if you refrain from communion, you are not missing out. Remember it is not the type of bread or wine, nor is it the quantity, but it is your faith in taking the elements that is the window for the Holy Spirit to enter your life.



Gathering Song            “O Lord, How Shall I Meet You”             ELW #241 vss 1, 3, 4


1    O Lord, how shall I meet you,

how welcome you aright?

Your people long to greet you,

my hope, my heart’s delight!

Oh, kindle, Lord most holy,

your lamp within my breast

to do in spirit lowly

all that may please you best.

3    Love caused your incarnation;

love brought you down to me.

Your thirst for my salvation

procured my liberty.

Oh, love beyond all telling,

that led you to embrace

in love, all love excelling,

our lost and fallen race.

4    Rejoice, then, you sad-hearted,

who sit in deepest gloom,

who mourn your joys departed

and tremble at your doom.

All hail the Lord’s appearing!

O glorious Sun, now come,

send forth your beams so cheering

and guide us safely home.

Text: Paul Gerhardt, 1607-1676; tr. composite


Receiving Forgiveness

Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel,

From whom all wondrous things have come.

Blessed be God’s name forever.


People of God,

a new thing is growing in our midst,

a tender branch,

a living sign.

By water and the Spirit we are joined to this wonder.

Christ ☩ is put on and within each one.

Our sins have been washed away.

Rejoice in the way of the Lord.

Beloved, now is the time to wake from sleep.

Let us confront our sins,

and confess them to the one who is merciful and just.

Silence is kept for reflection.

God of new beginnings,

we confess that we have not welcomed your holy reign.

We have strayed from your paths.

We prepare for war instead of peace.

We dishonor one another and your creation.

Purify us with your refining fire

and set us again on your way of love,

that we may bear fruit worthy of repentance,

and welcome your coming among us.



Lighting the Advent Candles



One: The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

All: And also with you.

Prayer of the Day

One: We join in prayer…

All: Stir up the wills of all who look to you, Lord God, and strengthen our faith in your coming, that, transformed by grace, we may walk in your way; through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.


Hymn of Praise                           “Hark, the Glad Sound!”                             ELW #239


1    Hark, the glad sound! The Savior comes,

the Savior promised long;

let ev’ry heart prepare a throne

and ev’ry voice a song.

2    He comes the pris’ners to release,

in Satan’s bondage held.

The gates of brass before him burst,

the iron fetters yield.

3    He comes the broken heart to bind,

the bleeding soul to cure,

and with the treasures of his grace

to enrich the humble poor.

4    Our glad hosannas, Prince of peace,

your welcome shall proclaim,

and heav’n’s eternal arches ring

with your beloved name.

Text: Philip Doddridge, 1702-1751


Children’s Message

Gospel: Matthew 11:2-11

John the Baptist expects the Messiah to bring God’s judgment upon the earth (Matt. 3:11-12). From a prison cell, he wonders whether Jesus is the one who will do this. Jesus’ response indicates that God’s reign is indeed being fulfilled already, but through healing and restoration.


Second Reading: James 5:7-10

In anticipation of the Lord’s coming, Christians are called upon to cultivate patience rather than discontent.


Choir Anthem                                                              “Come to Us, O Promised One”


First Reading: Isaiah 35:1-10

The prophet describes the return from the Babylonian captivity as a joyous procession to Zion. God’s coming reign will bring a renewal of creation in which health and wholeness will be restored. There is no need for fear, for God is coming to save.


Sermon                                                                                                           Pastor Karla

Hymn of the Day          “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel         ELW #257 vss 1, 2, 4, 5

1    O come, O come, Emmanuel,

and ransom captive Israel,

that mourns in lonely exile here

until the Son of God appear.


Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel

shall come to you, O Israel.

2    O come, O Wisdom from on high,

embracing all things far and nigh:

in strength and beauty come and stay;

teach us your will and guide our way.  Refrain

4    O come, O Branch of Jesse, free

your own from Satan’s tyranny;

from depths of hell your people save,

and give them vict’ry o’er the grave.  Refrain

5    O come, O Key of David, come,

and open wide our heav’nly home;

make safe the way that leads on high,

and close the path to misery.  Refrain

Text: Psalteriolum Cantionum Catholicarum, Köln, 1710; tr. composite

Text sts. 2, 6, 7 © 1997 Augsburg Fortress.

Prayers of the People (sung response)

“Come Now, O Prince of Peace” ELW #247 vs 2

Come now, O God of love, make us one body.

Come, O Lord Jesus, reconcile your people.

Text: Geon-yong Lee, b. 1947; tr. Marion Pope

Text © Geonyong Lee.


Offering our Gifts for the Mission and Ministry of God’s Church

We have prayed. We have sung.  We have heard the Word. Now, being thankful for the ministry we are called to do, we are invited to offer ourselves; our time, talents and treasure in faithful witness of the good things God has done for us and in confidence that our worship extends beyond this place and time. Your financial contributions are gratefully accepted to further the life and ministry of Gethsemane Lutheran. Thank you. 


Eucharistic Prayer and Words of Institution


One: And now, join me in praying as our Lord Jesus taught us…

All: Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name,

your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven. 

Give us today our daily bread.

Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.

Save us from the time of trial and deliver us from evil.

For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours, now and forever. 




Communion Blessing


Community Announcements




Sending Song                    “Light Dawns on a Weary World”                      ELW #726


1    Light dawns on a weary world

when eyes begin to see

all people’s dignity.

Light dawns on a weary world:

the promised day of justice comes.


The trees shall clap their hands;

the dry lands, gush with springs;

the hills and mountains shall break forth with singing!

We shall go out in joy,

and be led forth in peace,

as all the world in wonder echoes shalom.

2    Love grows in a weary world

when hungry hearts find bread

and children’s dreams are fed.

Love grows in a weary world:

the promised feast of plenty comes.  Refrain

3    Hope blooms in a weary world

when creatures, once forlorn,

find wilderness reborn.

Hope blooms in a weary world:

the promised green of Eden comes.  Refrain

Text: Mary Louise Bringle, b. 1953

Text © 2002 GIA Publications, Inc., 7404 S. Mason Ave., Chicago, IL 60638. 800.442.3358. All rights reserved. Used by permission.



Reader: Alleluia! Christ is coming.

All: Christ is coming, indeed! Alleluia!

Reader: So go in peace

All: To explore the Faith

Reader: Live in peace

All: To express our faith to others

Reader: Share the peace

All: By inviting others to join us on this journey.



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