How to Navigate a Midlife Change of Faith

How to Navigate a Midlife Change of Faith

As we get older, it can get difficult to feel genuinely faithful at times. Especially if we grew into a faith we never really agreed with. With time, people begin to realize that things aren’t tidy in life. One can begin to have second thoughts about one’s faith, and that’s okay. In this blog, we will go over how to navigate a midlife change of faith and why it’s important that you get to understand who you truly are.

How to Navigate a Midlife Change of Faith

When we’ve been following a certain path in life, it can be difficult to confront your doubts and fears from changes in faith. It can inclusively negatively impact you mentally and physically if you continue with this problem aimlessly. For those that are faithful, it’s a joyful epiphany. Spiritual and religious adults are generally happier and tend to suffer less from conditions such as depression than adults with no faith. The benefits of finding faith as an adult go beyond life satisfaction. In fact, research shows that religion and spirituality are actually linked to better physical health.

Obstacles With Faith

If you’ve come to a point in your life where you’re no longer truly faithful, people tend to get scared and don’t know what to do. Whether it’s organized religion or not, having some form of practice or structure that allows you to ponder on life’s mysteries and move beyond a focus on the self can greatly increase happiness and life satisfaction. But for those individuals that feel the common spiritual stirrings of midlife, the journey can be arduous. The road to faith is filled with many obstacles that can cause spiritually hungry people to turn back if they can’t see a way around them.

Overcoming The Tyranny of Time

To develop spirituality or genuinely practice faith, it requires effort and time. There are no shortcuts. Many times, this time commitment may be enough to deter someone who is craving spiritual practice but finds it daunting to rearrange their lives to make space for it. For today’s busy adults, finding the time to dedicate to your faith may seem impossible. But what if, instead of viewing your spiritual journey as an imposition, you view it as a spiritual exploration? For millennia, seekers have done this through pilgrimage. People state that getting involved in deep activities as such completely changes the way they see their faith. Don’t be afraid to dive in and explore more or your own faith. Sometimes it simply needs a little push and some self-examination.

It’s Normal to Feel an Unexpected Spiritual Pull

When people start to develop new ways of thinking, they often become lost and insecure. However, feeling and an unexpected spiritual pull is actually normal. If faith is something you truly want, don’t be pulled off by the obstacles in your path. No matter where you find yourself, your spiritual journey is one of life’s most beautiful delights!

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